Virtual reality gives hospice patients the experiences they long for

Felicia Kontopids, Director of Care at Journey Home Hospice, demonstrates how virtual reality goggles are used.

  What is the link between the heart-pounding thrill of free-falling from a plane while skydiving; serenity, peace, and calm felt while exploring a hidden rainforest; awe and fascination while taking in masterpieces like the Mona Lisa; and pure, simple joy watching puppies play in a field of summer flowers? All these experiences – and […]

The Reflection Room® project: How storytelling supports processing grief

The Saint Elizabeth Foundation offers a project called the Reflection Room – a space for thinking and talking about dying, death, and grief. The Reflection Room project is an evidence-based participatory art installation that was developed by researchers at the SE Research Centre and Memorial University in 2016. The project included a research component that evaluated […]

Two Windsor-Essex Seniors Named Senior Achievement Awards Recipients

The Ontario government is celebrating the accomplishments of 16 outstanding seniors including two from Windsor-Essex for their contributions to their communities and to the province. “I am pleased to recognize the impressive recipients of the 2022 Ontario Senior Achievement Award,” said the Honourable Elizabeth Dowdeswell, Lieutenant Governor of Ontario. “I would like to thank each […]

Why social impact matters: Reflections from a nursing leader

The importance of social impact was brought home for me on my adventure through the backcountry of the Alberta Rockies from the unique vantage point of my horse, Timone. The ride was a dream of mine that I also leveraged to support one of our signature charitable projects, Journey Home Hospice, Toronto’s only hospice specifically serving patients who […]