Volunteer Application

To apply as a volunteer, please complete the form below.

Foundation Volunteer Application
Have you previously taken Hospice Training?
Do you speak a language other than English?
Working with the dying and bereaved may trigger our own loss history. Have you had a person close to you die within the last year?
It is the policy of Saint Elizabeth to provide service to individuals and their families without consideration of race, ethnic background, sexual orientation, or religion.
Do you have any reservations about complying with this policy?


Volunteer Applicants are requested to provide 2 Character References as part of their application. Our process is to email the reference questionnaire to the people providing the reference.

Personal References:

This is an application to volunteer with the Saint Elizabeth Foundation Programs for which there is no monetary compensation.

I understand that the information provided in this application:

  • Is part of the permanent volunteer file at Saint Elizabeth Foundation.
  • Is kept confidential in secure storage and only available to authorized staff and volunteers
  • Will be used to assist Saint Elizabeth in completing its volunteer screening process
  • May be used for educational or evaluative means without providing any indicators

I also understand that if I am accepted as a volunteer with Saint Elizabeth Foundation I am agreeing to:

  • Fulfill the training requirements respective to the volunteer role
  • Attend related volunteer support & education sessions provided by Saint Elizabeth
  • Abide by the policies and procedures of Saint Elizabeth Foundation Programs

Thank you for your interest in Saint Elizabeth Foundation Programs