The Reflection Room®

Welcoming, comforting spaces for remembering, celebrating, and connecting through personal storytelling.

A Place to Pause, Reflect and Share

The Reflection Room® is a peaceful, dedicated space where people can think, talk, and write about their experiences with death, dying, grief and loss.

1,500 Stories Shared in Reflection Rooms

Developed in 2016 by the SE Research Centre in collaboration with Memorial University, the Reflection Room project has created participatory art installations across Canada and online. The research revealed how storytelling helps people process emotions such as grief.

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Building Community and Well-Being Through Sharing

Reflection Rooms encourage visitors to read the stories shared by others and share their own stories in return. In long-term care homes, our research found that the experience helped residents, caregivers and staff to look inwards in a helpful way, find moments of calm and peace, and feel a sense of connection and compassion.

Access Across Canada

To support those who are grieving, Reflection Rooms have been installed in more than 200 hospices, 60 community locations, 50 long-term care homes and 3 hospitals. The Saint Elizabeth Foundation and SE Research Centre are collaborating to make the Reflection Room experience even more accessible across Canada and beyond.

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Please feel welcome to take a virtual tour of the Reflection Room.

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