A better, caring world is
possible with your help.

4 Ways You Can Make a Difference

Join us in creating solutions to some of Canada’s tough problems. Your tax-deductible donation brings hope and happiness to our most vulnerable citizens, their families and caregivers. By donating to the Saint Elizabeth Foundation, you are helping to make a profound and lasting impact on their lives.

Charitable Programs

We’re working to fill health care-related social gaps, with a special focus on end-of-life journeys for vulnerable and marginalized people.

A Gift from the Heart

Research tells us that petting a dog lowers blood pressure, calms people and creates a comforting environment. Thanks to a generous gift from the Janet Holder Memorial Fund to cover start-up costs, this program brings dogs and their human companions for gentle visits with end-of-life clients, helping to ease their journey.

Memorial Giving

Make a heartfelt tribute in loving memory of someone special through our Memorial Giving program. To acknowledge your thoughtfulness, a condolence card will be sent to the person or family indicated with your donation.

Tribute/Celebration Giving

Say congratulations or thank you to someone who has touched your life. Whether it’s to recognize an act of kindness or to celebrate a special occasion, it is a beautiful and unique form of gift-giving. A gift announcement card is sent to the person or family being recognized. To invite others to join you with their own contributions, a named tribute fund can also be created.

Third Party Fundraising

Individuals, companies and community organizations are invited to support the Foundation. Acting independently with support from the Foundation, third party events can be a fun and important way to help raise funds in your local area.