Saint Elizabeth

A national registered charity supporting end-of-life journeys for Canada’s most vulnerable citizens

A Catalyst for Change

When it’s time, most of us want to die in the comfort of home, surrounded by loved ones. But what if you’re isolated and alone, marginalized or homeless?


With our donors’ contributions, we’re strengthening communities and supporting end-of-life journeys for those in greatest need.


Hospice assistants, friendly visitors, therapy dog owners and more: volunteers bring hope and happiness with their time and skills.

Your Donation and Support Makes a Difference

You can have a profound and lasting impact. Please join us in tackling tough problems and creating a better, caring world.




On Their End Of Life Journeys



In Health Care



Since 2018

Charitable Programs

We’re working to fill healthcare-related social gaps, with a special focus on end-of-life journeys for vulnerable and marginalized people.

Journey Home Hospice

Hospices in downtown Toronto and Windsor offer people experiencing homelessness or vulnerable housing a safe, welcoming and caring place to live their final weeks and days.

First Nations, Inuit and Métis Programs

Working together with over 700 Indigenous communities and organizations, we offer advisory support to healthcare professionals in community settings.

Spiritual Care

Support for patients, caregivers, and team members at SE Health, including grief and bereavement care, helping them find peace and balance.

The Reflection Room®

Peaceful, reflective art-installations encourage visitors to share stories about grief, loss, dying, and death, with the goal of building community and supporting well-being.

Volunteer Services

Our volunteers bring caring kindness to patients, caregivers, and families, lending a helping hand when it is most needed.

Elizz Paws

Our companion dog visiting program brings comforting canine affection to patients living in isolation, in a hospice or receiving end-of life care.

Event Spotlight

Coming soon: the Saint Elizabeth Walk. Last year, we raised $50,000 for our hospice. We’re counting on your support again this year!